Repentance and sorrow: pictures of Jesus crucifixion

According to Christian church and traditions, Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday) is the day when we commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. We present you one of the most complete and selected collections of Jesus pics at the moment of crucifixion and death. In this way, you will be always able to remember the day that Jesus Christ died to save all of us. To save humanity.

Jesus on the cross, the image of pain and salvation

With these pictures of Jesus Christ you will be able to tell everybody that He died for each one of us to show us his unconditional love and that He cares for us. We are all protected by Jesus, and these pictures of Christ show us the sacrifice He made to save us.

Most of the people may find these pics of Jesus darker and sadder than the images of Jesus we are used to see. However, this was one of the most relevant moments in Jesus life and probably the one that defined the basis of Christianity.

So remember that even if these Jesus pics are dark, He is still the light inside us.

The cross, symbol and icon of generations

The cross is the main symbol of Christian religion, and the only images of Jesus containing the real Cross are the ones of the crucifixion. Here we can see, once again, the importance of this particular and specific moment in the Lord’s life.

Just the fact of seeing these images of Christ on the cross will always be a rewarding personal experience that will benefit us and our beliefs. The Cross is a representation of Jesus giving himself and his body in order to redeem our sins, so it should not be seen as an object or place of torture, but a place of vindication for every Christian: a place where we are loved and forgiven.

Spread the word with Jesus images!

Share these Jesus pictures during the crucifixion, as well as the moments before and after the death on the cross. The images of Jesus on the Cross comfort, sensitize and transmit quiet and peace to everyone. Our advice is that you use these pics of Jesus together with some word that invite the viewer to a deep thought about their lives and acts.

One of the most memorable passages on the Bible will always be the passion and death of Jesus Christ, because of all the meaning behind it and the impact it has on every single person. So take advantage of it and share these pictures of Jesus crucifixion through e-mail or social media. Don’t forget that you can also use them as greeting postcards –especially for condolences-, no matter if printed or electronic version.

You can also use these images of Christ on the cross for the background image of your cellphone or laptop, so you can remember the love of Jesus at any moment and at any time.