Jesus carrying the cross

Jesus carrying the cross

Watching Jesus carrying the cross recaptures everything Christ went through because he loved us. Paying for our sins with his own death is something we can’t deny and that is why God sent his son to die for us, so we could be free and our sins could be abolish right there.

Every time we see Jesus carrying the cross and remember he suffered giving his life for us, we can only thank Him and receive that forgiveness, giving out now our lives to Him, in such way we could let also die our old selves and resurrect with Him and be renewed, free from sin.

Forgiveness of sin is something that could be confusing to some people, but this shouldn’t be like that, since in this image we can see how Jesus, carrying the cross suffered for us, for all we did wrong. Jesus forgave us; the only thing left to do is you to accept his forgiveness but, How? The answer is very simple: after seeing Him carrying the cross it is necessary for you to know that God only wants you to admit your sin before Him and wants you to return from the wrong path, wants you to cut everything that leads you to sin and wants you to return to his open arms.

You are no longer a sinner. Jesus took the nature of sin away from you carrying that cross. Don’t go back to it, recognize what Christ did for you and thank Him

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