Jesus pictures for every occasion

Jesus Christ is with us in every moment of our lives. We talk to him through our prayers and thoughts. He is with us at work, at home, at the hospital, when we are driving or when we are taking an important exam. It doesn’t matter if we are young or old, men or women, rich or poor, or if it is in the morning or at night, Jesus is there for everyone at any time.

That is the reason why we like to present you this wonderful gallery of Jesus pictures. A generic section where you will find Jesus pics of all kind, so can be inspired at any moment of the day.

Images of Jesus in every device

Thanks to this gallery of images you can have the face of Jesus and his most relevant moments in any electronic device –and if you are not a geek, you can always print and frame them! For example, we can use Christ pics as a background or screensaver for our tablets, Whatsapp conversations, cellphones or computers.

In this way, we can always look at the image and receive all the peace, love and light of Jesus our Lord. The image of Jesus will remind you how precious life is and how fortunate we are.

Christ pictures with a purpose for every one of us

When we look around on the Internet we can see images of any kind (animals, love, funny pics, car, sports…). These are normally pictures with no deepness, just a reflection of our hobbies and interests –and they are ok for a while.

However, Christ pics mean more than that. Believing in his word is not a hobby nor an interest: it is passion, pure love, light and most of all, faith. It is something superior to us, and here you can find them all together so you can pic whichever you like the most.

Remember that we are not all the same, so these pictures of Christ may have different benefits for every person. For example, these Jesus pics:

  • Comfort and protect ourselves in our darkest moments.
  • Invite us to pray and communicate not only with Jesus but with our beloved ones.
  • Keep our faith and beliefs towards the figure of Jesus Christ.
  • Let us know that he is always there, controlling and planning the best for all of us.
  • Make us think about our acts and thoughts, and decide whether if that particular action was right or wrong.
  • Solve our problems: these images make you think and meditate, and after all everything has a solution – just let Jesus help to find it!

It doesn’t matter your reason for choosing the picture of Jesus that you like the most. The most important thing of all is that you keep your faith and continue spreading the word of the Lord to future generations. May the light and love be with you and all your friends and relatives!