Jairus’ Daughter

The picture is describing a moment in the story of daughter of Jairus; who was the ruler of a synagogue. When Jairus came running to Jesus and knelt down. He said, My only child is at the point of death. Please come along with me and heal my daughter. Lay your hand upon her that she may be safe and live. Jesus then went with Jairus. Meanwhile, a man came to Jairus and said, “Your daughter has died.” Jairus started crying. Jesus heard this and said to Jairus, “ Do not fear and only believe in Me.” When they reached Jairus’ house and saw many people crying over the death of Jairus’ daughter. Jesus asked people, why are you crying? They said, we are crying because the daughter is dead. The girl is not dead yet sleeping, Jesus said. He took the little girl hand and said, “Little Girl, wake up.” Immediately the girl rose up.  (Mark 5:21–43, Matthew 9:18–26, Luke 8:40–56)

There is one lesson in this incident. The subject of this lesson is “Faith.” Once Jesus apostles asked Him how to increase faith. He replied that if your faith is like a grain of mustrd seed, you might say to this mulberry tree, which rooted up and transplanted into sea. It will definitely obey you only if you’ve faith. So, The true faith in Jesus will surely help us like He helped Jairus due to his faith. Truly Jesus love this kind of faith.

For sure, Life can be changed with a true faith. Jesus sacrificed His life only for our lives. We should believe in his sacrifice. Whenever you fall into darkness, hopelessness and weakness. Think! Jesus is with you at every step you put forward. Make your believe stronger to live a calm life. A life without fears and doubts.

Have faith in God, As God is the best Healer!

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