Jesus and the angels

Jesus and the angels

Jesus provided us with angels to help us live in a supernatural way. Everyday, Jesus and the angels wait for you to pray and declare God’s word, in order for the angels to battle and fight for your cause. Having God on our side, nothing can beat us down, nothing is impossible to God and nothing will be impossible for us since we believe the Highest lives inside of us.

Those angels in the pictures are only illustrative, since it’s very difficult to actually see an angel, or better say, it’s very difficult to recognize an angel. In the Kingdom, Jesus and the angels are waiting for you to need something to come and help you, but probably you will never know those are Jesus’ angels. Just know that every time you get this supernatural type of help, you can be sure it’s them.

Just be faithful, because in troubled times, Jesus and the angels will be willing to help you. The Bible describes them as big and strong beings that can show up in our natural world in any form, with the power God gives them.

In moments of praise, Jesus and the angels will be waiting for you in heaven for you to raise up your prayers and singing talking about the only and powerful God. When we are in church we can be sure that hundreds of angels come down to pick up our prayers and praises so we could come up with them to be in presence of God.

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