Jesus Fishing

Jesus Fishing

This picture represents Jesus fishing next to his disciples. We can see how he behaves like their equal and help them with their labors. His face and the faces of the rest of them look tired from work. This drive us to think how Jesus also puts himself each day next to us to help us with our daily work.

John 21, talks about Jesus’ third apparition after his resurrection. Apostle Peter, sad from denying his Master, went back to his routine after the crucifixion. The rest of the disciples went with him, and there’s where Jesus appeared, at the Sea of Tiberias.

That moment was very similar to the scene represented here, of Jesus fishing, because after asking his apostles whether they were able to fish anything, and after they gave him a negative answer, Jesus put himself in place of an extra fisher to help them. Here we can see him fishing, even when he wasn’t on the boat, he was at the shore. That’s the best spot to view where the fishes are; he directed them where to get more fish, being able to get completely loaded nets of fish.

The work of Jesus fishing is deeper than that. He is now willing to become a daily partner for each one of his followers and help them with their daily tasks. Jesus is present in each moment of our lives to help us, could be fishing or doing anything else.

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