Jesus playing with children

Jesus playing with children

Have you ever imagine Jesus playing with children? This image represents him, it shows Jesus when he was on Earth, always willing to spend time with little children.

In several chapters of the Bible, we can learn about hot Jesus calls children to come his way with him and bring them love.
Jesus playing with the children is a very sweet image that drive us to bring every kid near to us to know who Jesus truly is, and show him the right path for a great and abundant life.

Who wouldn’t want to be one of these children in the picture? But even we, being adults, can come closer to Jesus and spend time with him. He asks us to be “like children”, referring to the humbleness of their hearts. If we can clean our hearts and souls, then we can come closer to Jesus and play with him the same way these children in the picture are playing.

Their mothers seem to be completely grateful and happy to know their kids are in the best hands of them all: Jesus’. This is what we have to do with our own children. We have to show them the path of Jesus, we have to drive them to start a life of Faith from their youth.

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