Jesus, the Fisherman of Men

Many wonder why Jesus is the fisherman of men. We must remember also that Jesus entrusted us, as he did Peter, the task of being fishermen of men, therefore, it is very important that we clearly understand the meaning.

As a fisherman struggles to catch fish from the sea or river, so they can be useful in the hands of men as a food, Jesus, the fisherman of men is working to place men in God’s hands. And where does he get them from? He brings them out of this world’s darkness and confusion; he takes their lives out of the condemnation of hell, out of sin and judgment. It shouldn’t be easy to perform Jesus’ task as fisherman of men because each person has the freedom to make his or her own decisions and act based on them, but nothing is impossible for Jesus, neither for us, because the Bible clearly says that he who believes can do everything. This enables and encourages us to meet God’s purpose entrusted to us on this Earth by him, so we can rescue many more people for them to enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom of God and please the Father every day.

Jesus, fisherman of men, leads men to the hands of the Father, so they can be truly useful. Perhaps many of them are enjoying a peaceful life, like fish, going from one place to another without direction and even less purpose, but God can change all by asserting their identity and position and giving them direction.

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