Last Supper of Jesus

The last Supper of Jesus

By all accounts, while Da Vinci was painting “The Last Supper of Jesus” he lived an amazing story that, until today, remains a source of wonder and awe. It is said that when Da Vinci decided to start this work of art, he began searching for a person with a clean and placid face, with angelic and honest features, to represent Jesus. He found a nineteen year old boy who was his first model for “The Last Supper of Jesus“.

In the following years, he kept looking for each one of the people who were to portray the apostles that shared the Last Supper of Jesus, leaving Judas for last. The search for this character was very complex, Da Vinci was looking for someone who looked like the exact opposite of Jesus, but he could not find anyone like that in town; he found him in a prison in Rome.

An inmate on death row was painted by Da Vinci in “The Last Supper of Jesus” as Judas. When the work was finished and the police came for the prisoner he, desperate, asked Da Vinci if he remembered him, but the painter replied that he had never seen him before. The prisoner kept asking the question and finally he exclaimed, “Da Vinci, I am the young man that seven years ago you chose to portray Christ!”

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