Suffer the Children


What a wonderful picture! It depicts Jesus’ love for children. The artist has shown the love in two ways; First, A small child is in Jesus’ hands which shows his affectionate love to the child. Second, The Holy Spirit in the background shows everlasting Love for His child who is Jesus. How nice it is! To know the bond of love among three; The Lord, The Jesus our Saviour and Children of the world.

Jesus said; “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God (Mark 10:14)

In the above exhortation, Jesus is telling to his disciples to let the children come to Him and do not forbid them to see me. It is clear that Jesus loves children and they are important to Him. Many centuries have passed, Jesus’ love for all is still the same. Only  few can experience the depth and warmth of His love. Many of them are unfortunate who do not know about real love. They do not even know about Christ’s love because they are often unaware of their parental love too.

The experiences of life affects our minds and souls. Every experience leads us to choose the right or wrong path. So, We need to treat our children sympathetically and we should treat them generously. Meanwhile, They can come up with good experiences and memories of life. We need to teach them about Christ’s life so that the good imprints can be seen on their minds. This is our job to lead them to The Way, The Love and The Truth.

Love, Light & Peace!

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