Walk With Me

A beautiful painting by Greg Olsen, The picture shows the Jesus at the seashore. This is probably sunset time. This picture deeply inspires the viewer to think about Jesus. It seems that He is in deep thoughts. He is walking side by side and waiting for us to join Him. This is certainly Jesus’ call to us. Come! Walk with me.

The picture reminds me of one memorable incident. One of my lovely student once said, “I love to walk alone and specially during sunset.” I said, Its usual. Everybody loves too. What is special at your end? She answered, Sir! Surely Everybody loves to walk but not everybody feels the presence of Jesus. Her exciting answer made me curious to listen her more. She continued to say that Whenever I walk, I hear the birds’ chirping. It sounds that they are singing and dancing knowing that Jesus is there. Flowers blooms and all colors of nature begin to magnify. How beautiful to be with Jesus! She exclaimed with joy. Furthermore, I asked her, “Do you speak to Him dear child?” She nodded her head and replied slightly, Sir! I don’t but He speaks with me every single step we put forward. How? I asked. Her answer was;

Jesus invites all of us to walk with Him not only in the countryside or seashore but every single moment of the day He walks with us. He says, You are my little child and I never leave you alone. I want you to share with me your good and bad moments. Do not be discourage! I give you strength to fight your inner fears. I have gifted you my Words. Follow unto them and live a peaceful life. I know life is full of hardships but God is Just. You only have to focus on life in front of you and try to seek what is alive within you and with life. You will begin to witness the Kingdom of Heaven manifest here on earth.

Thank you Dear Lord giving your unfailing love and thank you for your every walk You Walk with me.

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