In Harm’s Way

The picture describes Jesus’ concerns for His believers. Jesus is in the rocky place and is trying to safe His lost sheep. As seeing the picture, the question comes to mind, Why? Why would He suffered to save the lost one? Why would God has put Him in Harm’s way?

The answer might be surprising to you that Lord has sent Jesus to suffer for you. Yes, He has everything to do with your rescue from sins and your freedom from the Satan. The lost sheep refers to people who get tempted by Satan. They are led by Satan to the wrong path but Jesus suffered the harm ways to save them from Satan. He protected you to follow His words. Jesus has sent to earth to be your substitute. As He had experienced temptation and deception. Knowingly He placed Himself to harm ways to defeat the Satan who tempted us to follow him.

 As long as you are in the world, you will be tempted. So, You have to know the precious truth that Jesus put Himself to Harm’s way by giving you the ability to stand firm. He gives strength and assurance that there is always a way out. Pray to Lord to give you strength to defeat Satan. Have faith in Jesus and rely on Him as He placed Himself in Harm’s way to save us.

Love, Light & Peace!

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