An amazing portrayal by Stephen Sawyer describes “Jesus of Nazareth”. The portrait colors directly hit to the mind of the viewer. It reminds us that Jesus is in our minds and hearts. He himself is proving about His existence to His believers. Nonetheless, Old testaments had proven the coming of a Prophet. The prophet was sent to Nazareth to guide people. He sent unto them to take their sins. In Bible, Jesus’ arrival, life and death has mentioned for the sake of human guidance.

Prophet of Nazareth belonged to human community and struggled to set people free from many sins. Jesus possessed many qualities which was God-gifted. He got many miracles, this was probably part of God’s purpose. As a Teacher, He emphasized the nearness of God’s kingdom, repentance and faith, He also engaged in healing the sick; He preached, taught people through stories. He was concerned for the poor, the children and for the aged. He honored the traditions of Jewish religious practices. His condemnation of such practices brought him into conflict with some Jewish officials and these condemnations lead to his crucifixion. But He is alive in the heart of His true followers.

Jesus Christ is most significant personality to have walked the earth. His life and death has divided history itself. His prayers, sayings, teachings and actions have provide the richest source of spirituality to His believers. He is the way and He is parable of God because He belongs to us. He taught us the existence of His Divine-nature. He presents himself on our beautiful planet, traveling with us.

May He brighten like star in our hearts and souls!

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