Joy of the Lord

 Are you searching for some joy in your life?

Obviously! Everybody is looking for some joy in their lives. We are living in a world where people are searching for some joy, happiness to delight-en up their lives after being in so much sadness and sorrows. But people are searching for this joy in wrong places or things. They feel that they can find joy by hurting others or by use of some alcohol or drugs but this is not true. There are also many people who think that they can find joy having a pocket full of money or living in big house or driving a luxury car or wearing expensive dresses. These things are nice and good to everybody but still it doesn’t give you real joy because there are many people who have all these necessities of life but still they are depressed or commit suicide because they couldn’t find joy or satisfaction in this worldly materials.

So, The question is, How to find some real joy?”

The image of Jesus Christ with full bright face with happiness and joy is the answer of this question. Yes! in order to find joy, one should understand that joy is dependant upon Jesus Christ, for Jesus is the source of real joy. Bible says; “that the Joy of the Lord is your strength.” And if you need strength just make it day to day, you need the joy of the Lord and joy of the Lord is found in Christ. There is also joy in knowing Jesus Christ. We can find joy in Him because when he was born, He brought joy to the world. He brought joy to the people by healing the sick. Thus, He is joy for heavens when He returned back to His fatherly Home.

Hence “JOY OF LORD” is our strength. All the Heavens rejoices when we discover Him as our strength. His faithfulness continues from generations to generations. We must commit our lives to Him and receive the Joy as our hearts remain full of Jesus Christ.

May joy of Lord be our strength forever!

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